The Final Frontier

Ever had a not so good taco on Earth? It okay, because tacos can be made in space!! They look and taste great too. Astronaut Tim Kopra of the International Space Station decided one morning that wanted breakfast from south of the border, but miles up in space; so he re-hydrated an awesome breakfast taco. Continue reading


The Real Healthy Taco Alternative

Cholesterol levels too high? Blood pressure not regulated? Need to lose weight? These are health questions that a lot of us have to address. I myself had to regulate my blood pressure and lose weight; it is difficult, but possible. I could not imagine giving up tacos, so I decided to reduce the amount I could eat, more so I had to reduce my meat consumption. The best way to address my problem was to eat taco salads. I could still enjoy the flavors of tacos, by having less meat and adding more avocados, tomatoes, and peppers. Continue reading

Taco Bell, A Healthy Alternative

Taco Bell has become more health conscious, offering menu items with low calories, low carbs, and vegetarian substitutions. The reason they have not advertised it is because they want it to spread by word of mouth. The want to be authentic about it without cramming it down your throat. Continue reading

When is the Best Time to Eat Tacos?

It is quite the difficult question, but when is the best time to eat tacos? Some say they are best for dinner time, others say they are good for lunch time. Maybe the best time to eat tacos is when you are hungry, or just plain craving that tortilla taste. For me, the best time for tacos is anytime! I could wake up in the middle of the night and take part in a taco festivity. Let us not forget breakfast, maybe carnitas is not something you would like to wake up to in the morning, so how about a bacon and egg soft taco? The versatility of tacos, make them appropriate for any time of the day and with any type of filling. That is what makes the taco the for any time.

Around The World in 15 Taco Bells

I normally prefer an authentic taco over a Taco Bell taco, but that does not mean I am above eating at Taco Bell from time to time. I want to post about the different Taco Bell menu items from around the world, some look tasty, DELICIOUS!!! I want to try the Central American Chocodilla, a quesadilla style dessert with a chocolate fudge filling, YUM. How about the Banurrito from Cyprus? Burrito style treat with a banana filling, fudge and sprinkles! Or Spain’s Chocomarsh, which is a crunch wrap filled with fudge and neopolitan marshmellows!! Continue reading

Cookie Candy Tacos

It is Halloween! Time for treats and cool tricks. Most of us have already partied hard over the weekend, but for those who can not get enough, there is still time. If you need some quick treats for a prompt Halloween party, try making some cookie candy tacos. These treats are quick and easy to make, and if you have Halloween candy, you are half way there. First you start out with a sugar cookie dough, it can be made or purchase it. Continue reading

No Meat? No Problem!

Tacos are not just for meat eaters, vegetarians can enjoy the awesomeness too! Alternative vegetarian tacos are available from around the world in places like India, Morocco, Jamaica, and Korea. Some will use the traditional corn or flour tortilla, while other types use spinach leaves; it not matters how the taco is made, so as long as it looks and eats like a taco. Continue reading