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Lobster Tacos

Further proof that a taco can be made with anything edible so as long as it is folded up in a tortilla. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has a savory recipe for lobster tacos that will clamp your taste buds full of flavor! Grilled lobster tail is topped with bacon, queso fresco, shaved shallots, and a spicy butternut squash sauce, all wrapped in a corn tortilla and ready to eat. Continue reading



The day the taco was invented was the most important day in taco history, but for most of us, it was a Tuesday. The internet meme turned reality; Taco Tuesday is the day of the week where most taco places will offer up savory deals on our favorite Tuesday food. It is a perfect way to cure the case of the Tuesdays, go out to your favorite taco place and be surprised at the amount of tacos you can walk away with; make it a family taco night!

Taco Neck Syndrome

(c) 2016 Yum! Brands

(c) 2016 Yum! Brands

Also known as TNS, is a fictional syndrome created by Taco Bell to sell more tacos! The first person to have developed TNS was basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. He first notice something was afoul when kept missing free throws; alarmed, Shaq sought medical attention. Shaq’s doctor of tacologly noticed that his head was at a slant, which Shaq admitted was because he bent his neck too many times eating tacos. Continue reading

The Taco Video Game


Finally, a game that combines my love for tacos and video games together! Getting tired of eating tacos? I am not, but if you are, you can always download and play Taco Master by Kaxan Games. You play as a taco master; trying to make as many tacos as fast as you can to proceed to the next level. Each level becomes much more difficult and faster pace. Continue reading

Bad Ass Tacos

What makes a bad ass taco, bad ass? Danny Trejo. Yes! The famous action star has opened up Trejo’s Tacos in Los Angeles; serving up some traditional style tacos along with some fusion tastes, with his stamp of approval. At the shop you will find some classic taco proteins like carne asada and carnitas, wrapped in a classic warm tortilla. Alternative styles include blackened salmon, pulled pork, cauliflower, peppered tofu, and fried chicken; all which broaden the flavor spectrum of the taco. Continue reading

Tacos for Dessert?

Oh yes! What is the best way to follow up with a taco dinner? A taco dessert! Some folks are already familiar with the Choco Taco by Klondike, but for the uninformed, it is an ice cream explosion. It is a taco shell shaped waffle packed with vanilla ice cream laced with chocolate fudge swirls; dipped in chocolate and finally topped with peanut crumbles. The Choco Taco is the certified treat for zealous taco fanatics. Bite into one!