Lobster Tacos

Further proof that a taco can be made with anything edible so as long as it is folded up in a tortilla. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has a savory recipe for lobster tacos that will clamp your taste buds full of flavor! Grilled lobster tail is topped with bacon, queso fresco, shaved shallots, and a spicy butternut squash sauce, all wrapped in a corn tortilla and ready to eat. Lobster tacos are a great alternative for folks who are not to keen of fatty red meats and want something fresh and fun to eat. If you like to read about more seafood style tacos, check out Kalamazoo’s list of decadent taco recipes at:  http://tinyurl.com/j32qv7j or you could check out other outdoor eats at their website at: http://www.kalamazoogourmet.com