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Cookie Candy Tacos

It is Halloween! Time for treats and cool tricks. Most of us have already partied hard over the weekend, but for those who can not get enough, there is still time. If you need some quick treats for a prompt Halloween party, try making some cookie candy tacos. These treats are quick and easy to make, and if you have Halloween candy, you are half way there. First you start out with a sugar cookie dough, it can be made or purchase it. Continue reading


No Meat? No Problem!

Tacos are not just for meat eaters, vegetarians can enjoy the awesomeness too! Alternative vegetarian tacos are available from around the world in places like India, Morocco, Jamaica, and Korea. Some will use the traditional corn or flour tortilla, while other types use spinach leaves; it not matters how the taco is made, so as long as it looks and eats like a taco. Continue reading

5k Tacos & Beer!

Yup!! If you happen to be in the San Diego or Long Beach area during the summer, be sure to check out the Tacos & Beer 5k run. It is not just any normal running event, but a FIESTA style event. Runners can sign up to get a free shirt, a medal, and good old time! Most importantly, at the end of the race there are tacos and beer waiting for every runner that crosses the line. Continue reading

Eat Dessert First

If the taco has an ice cream banana split filling, then why not eat it before having a taco dinner? It uses a fried flour tortilla, just like tacos, and then sprinkled with powdered sugar or cinnamon. The insides contain vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, with sliced bananas, drizzled chocolate sauce and topped with a cherry. Much like an actual banana split sundae, but with a taco shell that lets you enjoy it with your hands, but you can also use utensils if that is your thing. Either way, it is a sure taco treat feast!!

The Taco Cleanse

Unbeknownst to taco enthusiasts abroad, but there is a new diet craze in town, and its name is The Taco Cleanse. This diet book features several taco combinations — including over 70 vegan recipes — promises to detox your body of harmful toxins. The ultimate taco dream, a diet that lets you enjoy tacos a lose weight! Yum! This diet plan is all about stuffing your face with tacos.

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How Many Tacos?

(c) 2016

(c) 2016

How many tacos can you eat in 8 minutes? Just ask competitive eating champion Matt Stonie who ate 103 tacos in 8 minutes at Chachos Taco Festival of San Jose, California. Sanctioned by Major League Eating, Chachos had their inaugural Taco Eating Contest this past summer crowning Matt Stonie as its current champ. Continue reading