The Real Healthy Taco Alternative

Cholesterol levels too high? Blood pressure not regulated? Need to lose weight? These are health questions that a lot of us have to address. I myself had to regulate my blood pressure and lose weight; it is difficult, but possible. I could not imagine giving up tacos, so I decided to reduce the amount I could eat, more so I had to reduce my meat consumption. The best way to address my problem was to eat taco salads. I could still enjoy the flavors of tacos, by having less meat and adding more avocados, tomatoes, and peppers. The extra vegetables in the taco salad will fill up my stomach, while the meat satisfies my protein cravings. I do not have to give up meat — just eat less of it — the added veggies also give a new dimension of flavor in the taco salad world. Go try one and have fun!