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When is the Best Time to Eat Tacos?

It is quite the difficult question, but when is the best time to eat tacos? Some say they are best for dinner time, others say they are good for lunch time. Maybe the best time to eat tacos is when you are hungry, or just plain craving that tortilla taste. For me, the best time for tacos is anytime! I could wake up in the middle of the night and take part in a taco festivity. Let us not forget breakfast, maybe carnitas is not something you would like to wake up to in the morning, so how about a bacon and egg soft taco? The versatility of tacos, make them appropriate for any time of the day and with any type of filling. That is what makes the taco the for any time.


Cookie Candy Tacos

It is Halloween! Time for treats and cool tricks. Most of us have already partied hard over the weekend, but for those who can not get enough, there is still time. If you need some quick treats for a prompt Halloween party, try making some cookie candy tacos. These treats are quick and easy to make, and if you have Halloween candy, you are half way there. First you start out with a sugar cookie dough, it can be made or purchase it. Continue reading

No Meat? No Problem!

Tacos are not just for meat eaters, vegetarians can enjoy the awesomeness too! Alternative vegetarian tacos are available from around the world in places like India, Morocco, Jamaica, and Korea. Some will use the traditional corn or flour tortilla, while other types use spinach leaves; it not matters how the taco is made, so as long as it looks and eats like a taco. Continue reading

The Taco Cleanse

Unbeknownst to taco enthusiasts abroad, but there is a new diet craze in town, and its name is The Taco Cleanse. This diet book features several taco combinations — including over 70 vegan recipes — promises to detox your body of harmful toxins. The ultimate taco dream, a diet that lets you enjoy tacos a lose weight! Yum! This diet plan is all about stuffing your face with tacos.

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The day the taco was invented was the most important day in taco history, but for most of us, it was a Tuesday. The internet meme turned reality; Taco Tuesday is the day of the week where most taco places will offer up savory deals on our favorite Tuesday food. It is a perfect way to cure the case of the Tuesdays, go out to your favorite taco place and be surprised at the amount of tacos you can walk away with; make it a family taco night!

Taco Neck Syndrome

(c) 2016 Yum! Brands

(c) 2016 Yum! Brands

Also known as TNS, is a fictional syndrome created by Taco Bell to sell more tacos! The first person to have developed TNS was basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. He first notice something was afoul when kept missing free throws; alarmed, Shaq sought medical attention. Shaq’s doctor of tacologly noticed that his head was at a slant, which Shaq admitted was because he bent his neck too many times eating tacos. Continue reading