History of the Tortilla

Tortillas are over 10,000 years old and were invented by the Aztecs who made them out of corn. Aztecs main source of food was corn, as it provided sufficient energy and was plentiful. They had a variety of ways to use corn, but it the how they made tortillas that stood out; corn kernels are softened with lime juice and pressed into a dough (masa). The masa is then divided and spread into what we know as a tortilla, it is then baked on a hot flat surface and ready to eat. The Spanish explorers found tortillas tasty and brought them back to Spain. They named it a tortilla due in part because “torta” is Spanish for round cake, and seeing what the Aztecs made were smaller looking cakes, the Spaniards coined the name “tortilla”.

Tortillas are still made traditionally today, and they even taste better when they are hand made. The process is the same as a mass production scale, in which machines are used to press out tortillas of different varieties. The increase of production made it possible for tortillas to become as popular as sliced bread in the United States; however, I think the earthy taste has something to do with that. Regardless, tortillas are here to stay, and I love them just as much as tacos.