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Taco Bell, A Healthy Alternative

Taco Bell has become more health conscious, offering menu items with low calories, low carbs, and vegetarian substitutions. The reason they have not advertised it is because they want it to spread by word of mouth. The want to be authentic about it without cramming it down your throat. Continue reading


Around The World in 15 Taco Bells

I normally prefer an authentic taco over a Taco Bell taco, but that does not mean I am above eating at Taco Bell from time to time. I want to post about the different Taco Bell menu items from around the world, some look tasty, DELICIOUS!!! I want to try the Central American Chocodilla, a quesadilla style dessert with a chocolate fudge filling, YUM. How about the Banurrito from Cyprus? Burrito style treat with a banana filling, fudge and sprinkles! Or Spain’s Chocomarsh, which is a crunch wrap filled with fudge and neopolitan marshmellows!! Continue reading

Taco Neck Syndrome

(c) 2016 Yum! Brands

(c) 2016 Yum! Brands

Also known as TNS, is a fictional syndrome created by Taco Bell to sell more tacos! The first person to have developed TNS was basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. He first notice something was afoul when kept missing free throws; alarmed, Shaq sought medical attention. Shaq’s doctor of tacologly noticed that his head was at a slant, which Shaq admitted was because he bent his neck too many times eating tacos. Continue reading