Tortilla Types

“A taco is a taco, it does not matter if it is wrapped in a corn or a flour tortilla, it is still a taco.”

Tac Diesal

Tortillas come in a variety of color and sizes; adding a dimension of flavor to the taco. The common types of tortillas are corn and flour, however there are other types like sweet potato and spinach. For this page I will focus on the authentic tortillas, so that folks can better understand the differences of corn and flour tortillas.

Yellow Corn Tortilla – This type uses yellow corn and has an “earthy” flavor to it, which is attributed to its robust natural ingredients. It has a hearty texture, being thicker than the average tortilla. For an authentic Mexican dish, use yellow corn tortillas; an added bonus is that it can go along with any vegetarian meal.

White Corn Tortilla – This type uses white corn and has a lighter color than yellow tortillas. It has a thin texture; but, surprisingly holds together better than yellow tortillas. You can expect this tortilla to retain chunky salsa  and even serve as a basis for tortilla chips.

Flour Tortilla – These tortillas can be used for taco dishes, but they best serve burritos and quesadillas. They have a soft and chewy texture with a slightly sweet taste. You will find that flour tortillas are larger than corn tortillas, giving them the benefit of holding more filling.

Wheat Flour Tortilla – Much like flour tortillas, wheat flour tortillas are the same, but more nutritious. Make sure to get whole wheat, because any other kind would not be a true wheat tortilla. The downside to wheat tortillas is that they do not have much flavor, making it difficult to pair up with other traditional ingredients. Try using a filling that allows this tortilla to soak up the juicy flavors.