Three tacos with chicken, pork, and beef.

Three tacos with chicken, pork, and beef.

There is a variety of meats or proteins that make up a taco, below are some of the more common types you will find in a street taco.


  • Carne asada/Grilled steak – this meat is quite commonly found in any taqueria, the beef is usually marinated or seasoned with spices to give it a classic flavor.
  • Lengua/Beef tongue – it tastes just as good as any other part of bovine, expect it to have a chewy texture.
  • Cesos/Beef brain – much like carne asada, beef brain retains the same textures, but has a smoky taste to it.
  • Cabeza/Beef head – another tender meat like carne asada, beef head is just another way to enjoy beef in your tacos.


  • Carnitas/Shredded pork – if you prefer a meat filling with an alternative and dry texture, then carnitas are the way to go. The pork tender to the bite and is so season with spices, making it a popular taco meat.
  • Al pastor/Roasted pork – another way to prepare pork meat for tacos. Al pastor style comes from stacks of pork slices lanced through an upright pike and roasted rotisserie style. This is a tender and very tasty style of meat for your taco. It is marinated and season with the regular fixings, making it a juicy delight.
  • Chorizo/pork sausage – a spicey style meat for your taco, chorizo offers a tender tasteful fix any taco lover.


  • Pollo adobado/Baked chicken – chicken is a classic taco meat, where it is baked or roasted to perfection. Sometimes it marinated with produce and spices, for that extra kick in the tongue.