Taco Trucks

Taco Trucks offer some of the tastiest tacos around and feature a variety of flavors not usually found at a taqueria. What sets taco trucks apart is competition, everyone of them has to offer something unique that gravitates patrons towards it. Taco trucks can feature Korean style tacos, BBQ tacos, fish tacos, and you name it! The downside is that taco trucks are usually limited to tacos and burritos — beverages are limited to soda or bottled juices. You can find tacos trucks in areas that host taco festivals or food tuck meets, but also in the least likely places like in business parks and off the side of a road in unincorporated areas. What is cool is that during lunch time a taco truck can become a social hub where you can meet other taco enthusiasts and have a grand old time. If you are on the road and see a taco truck off to the side, don’t honk the horn, pull over and have a savory taco.